Cats & Quarantine

We just sold out of Dixie’s last kittens. We had a little underdeveloped runt that we didn’t think would make it, but we prayed a lot and gave her a lot of love and support. She pulled through and was soon charging into her siblings and knocking them down. She had a noisy breathing so we spent a fortune on two vets and a specialist to rule out everything infectious and they finally determined she has asthma. We never had this issue with one of our kittens, but have two asthmatic children. However the vets don’t suggest managing her condition with meds because of the potential side effects. We were planning to keep her but a special young lady reached out and wants her. I am happy that my little miracle girl will go to someone who will cherish her as much as we do.

Now that NYC and other areas have shut down it seems more people are looking for pets. Even the shelters are being emptied, which is wonderful! Two people drove in all the way from Massachusetts to get kitties. It’s good to get a shelter pet and save a life, but once you’ve had a Siamese you realize they are not like any other breed. A pair went to a professional dog trainer, which is exciting. Siamese are very dog-like and in the hands of a professional it will be interesting to see how far she can develop them. She already has them out and about on leashes.

We still have Layla’s last two boys that need homes. They are 5 months old and are getting big. Someone who does not care for crazy kitten energy might like to have these. They are both calm and mellow. I prefer to sell them as a pair but would split them up if they go to homes with other animals or children. They are very social and I wouldn’t want them to be home alone for long stretches without company, unless they stay together as a pair. One is a gorgeous, extremely intelligent Blue and the other is a needy, talkative, goofy Seal.

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