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Updated: Dec 29, 2019


Happy holidays!

We have two litters available.

Dixie & Monet

Kittens born 9/22/19 and are shown in the photo below. one female and one male - both Seals. The female is the white tipped tail kitty nursing in the photo. The white tip is no longer as visible since her markings came in, but she has inherited the very rare white spotted gene from both parents. She is personality plus + very playful, demanding, extroverted and vocal. Everything we love about the Siamese breed, she has (except for cross-eyes, but we get those occasionally). The male is sweet, a bit introverted, and is a lap kitty. Most of our non-alpha males are laid back and docile and do well with small children or retirees.

Layla & Monet

Kittens born 11/12/19: one female Seal; two males Seal; two males Blue. The Blues are stunning, highly intelligent and very social. Seals are playful and especially love to play ball. These kittens would be great for older children and teens who have the time and energy to teach them tricks as this litter is very dog-like.

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