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We have two beautiful boys that are 3 months old. These are Layla's last kittens ever as we just retired her. There is a gorgeous Blue who is highly intelligent and a beautiful Seal with super silky fur. Both are very playful and good with the baby kittens. We've noticed that when visitors come they run off and hide. They are very smart and understand that when people come, that usually means one of them has to go. It would be ideal to sell the boys as a pair but I would be satisfied with a family that could coax one of them out and engage in play with them. A family with kids or teens would be perfect because these boys are high energy and need to have playmates. I think they would enjoy dogs as well.

There are six babies that were born to Dixie on New Year's Day. They will be ready in a couple of weeks, but if you're looking for a female you may be out of luck. It is difficult to discern the genders prior to the boy's testicles dropping. My husband says we have two or three females, my youngest daughter says two females, but I can only tell for sure that I have one. Stay tuned to see who was right! A lovely couple from LI came to visit yesterday and they fell in love with the one girl that I know we have and placed a deposit. The feeling was mutual as the little princess went to both of them and stayed close to them the whole visit.

I encourage long visits before picking out your new kitten. Ideally, the kitten should pick you. If you are undecided, there's nothing wrong with coming back for additional visits, or waiting for the next litter. Some people bring their family or friends back to help them decide. Some people even FaceTime their kids away at college.

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