New Spring Litter 4/29/2020

Updated: May 15, 2020

Dixie and Monet just welcomed six little darlings!

We have three deposits already but won’t be sure of gender or points until next month.

We have raised the price to $950 (except for those with a previous deposit). We had a lot of vet expenses due to the kitten with asthma, retiring Layla, getting the past few litters all vet checked and vaccinated, and taking care of the bills of a kitten that got sick in her new home (she’s fine now!)

We have never had a kitten that got sick after being placed, and already had a kitten with wheezing for the first time ever, so we were very worried about all our kitties. We paid for extensive testing and X-Rays, and everything for both kitties came out negative. I requested COVID testing and the vets laughed at me. Turned out some other cats in NYC subsequently tested positive. I have to wonder whether my cats could’ve had Corona even if the humans were asymptomatic.

After a few days the kitten that was rehomed in Boston fully recovered and the little wheezing girl is barely making any breathing sounds in her new home. I feel like the kittens picked up a bug by being taken to the vet to get their immunizations. I never had any trouble until I started taking the kittens in to be vet checked, so I won be taking this new litter any where. If people aren’t willing to take the kittens in to a vet themselves, then they can get a kitten elsewhere.

Someone just emailed me to ask - well it was more of a demand to know - what they were “getting” for that price. This is someone that is trying to get into the breeding business but no one will sell to her. Including me. If you’re a responsible and established breeder, we can talk. If you think you’re doing me a favor by contacting me, you can step. Good luck finding another breeder willing to sell you breeding rights of a cat of comparable quality! I don’t do business with humans who themselves have no breeding. Good manners are essential! The funny thing is that she was balking at the listed price for a pet. I didn’t bother to tell her breeding rights aren’t included in that price.

The price of the kitten ensures that you have a high quality pet that meets breed standards and exceeds expectations for personality, temperament and intelligence. The health guarantee gives you peace of mind that you have a kitten free of disease, vermin and congenital conditions. I would never sell a kitten with issues without full disclosure, and I certainly take care of anything latent that could manifest later.

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